Construction Notes Manager
for AutoCAD

CNM "Construction Notes Manager" Tutorial - Section Five

Section One:       INSTALLING CNM & SETUP
Section Two:      TUTORIAL SETUP
Section Five:       EDITING BUBBLE NOTES
Section Six:         RUNNING "NOTES MANAGER
Section Eight:     QUANTITY TAKE-OFF
Section Nine:      CNM Editor Configuration
Section Ten:        Customizing CNM
Section Eleven:   Video Files


After the notes are inserted, you can edit each note if needed. Also, from time to time you may find it easier to copy an existing note and then edit it. You may change any attribute of any bubble block, ie: change the note number, change a quantity, or other field of text. You may not, however, change the style of one bubble block into another style. You would have to insert another block of a different style.

In order to edit a bubble block either type the hotkey command EE or, from the CNM pull down menu, click on NOTES TOOLS and then EDIT BUBBLE.  Alternately, just use what ever command you use to initiate the command "attedit".

The keyboard shortcut ee may conflict with your customized acad.pgp file. Be sure to check so that you can make any changes necessary. Regretfully, at this time ee is the standard keyboard shortcut for text or attribute editing.   Sorry if it causes any inconvenience.

When you click on the object to edit, you will see that the block has several attributes which you may edit.

Each bubble block has the following attributes:

Note Number                           (Corresponds to the actual bubble note number)
Line 1 Text                               (First Line of Text - may be used for quantity tally or descriptive text)
Line 2 Text                               (Second Line of Text - may be used for quantity tally or descriptive text)
Line 3 Text                               (Third Line of Text - may be used for quantity tally or descriptive text)
Note Phase                              (Controls which phase the note belongs to when using phased notes)
Note Type                                (Corresponds with the type of bubble note, ie: circle, box, etc. - DO NOT EDIT)
Underlined Spaces                 (Added spaces can be put here to create more space between the bubble for Gap                                                   & text)

Watch Video Clip

Note: The following features come as extra editing tools for using the Construction Notes Manager or for other typical drawing commands that you may find useful. Please experiment with them. There is a short description of each command as follows:

There are several other quick editing features found in the Notes Tools menu. The two phasing commands,         Set Bubble Phase and Replace Bubble Phase will allow you to change the phasing of different bubble blocks.     Set Bubble Phase allows you to set all selected bubble blocks to a particular phase. Replace Bubble Phase will replace all phases of a given selection set to a different phase number. Phasing is further discussed in Section 7.0

Copy String allows you to copy any string of text as found in your drawing, and then replace an attribute of the bubble block with that copied text. This is helpful when wanting to replace quantity or text description fields. This command will work with any attributed block, so it will work on other elements besides the bubble blocks.

Copy Attribute allows you to copy all of the attributes of one bubble block to that of another bubble block. This command is very helpful if you insert a block with the side description text going to one direction but would like to have the side description text face another direction. You would quickly insert another block, then use the command to quickly change the attributes. This command will work with any attributed block, so it will work on other blocks besides the Construction Notes bubble blocks.

Overline Text and Underline Text simply places an overline or underline on any attribute of the block   This also works on any type of block that uses text in AutoCAD.