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Postby myrna kuki » Wed Jul 23, 2008 7:29 am

I currently use ACAD 08 version.

When I run the notes, sometimes each line of the text is spaced almost 3 inches apart.

Also when I set the dimscale to 40 and the text size to .1, it resets itself when I next open it making me have to reset it every time I open a dwg.
I didn't use to have to do this. At the same time, after I have set it as above, the Bubbles will be right but the text size will be size 4 if the dimscale is 40. If I set the text size to .1, then the Bubbles will be size 1. This means I have to reset each time before I run the notes.

I suspect that the 2 problems are related.

When I check the config setting between a dwg that works and one that doesn't, they are both the same.

I am just hoping to find out what setting I need to change to correct this problem.
sometimes, because of space, we want the note number to read horizontally but need the note text to read vertically. can this be done?
myrna kuki
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Postby hawstom » Wed Jul 23, 2008 9:07 am

Do you have LDT, and are you running Map?

What values are your variables being reset to?

Can you tell me the following values exactly when this occurs?

Dimscale, Dimtxt, Block scale (by listing the block), Attribute height (by listing the block).
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Postby hawstom » Wed Jul 23, 2008 11:45 am

Myrna wrote:

I start off by using CNM to set dimscale & dimtext to IE: 30 & 0.1. Then I put in Bubbles which will come in at 3 and look correct. If I close out before I am completely done and open again and finish.

When I run the notes, they will either be 30 & 3 or 1 & 0.1. Not necessarily the same from one dwg to the other even though the config in both is set to the default.

The other problem is that on some dwgs (not all - different projects) the notes table will run with each line of text almost 3 inches apart. This might be different in different dwgs, even though the config is the same in all of them.

It has to be getting some data from each dwg to change, but I have been unable to figure out what the difference is. The linetype scale and viewport scales are the same in dwgs that act different.

What other setting does CNM draw from?

I don't think I am understanding everything you are reporting. I will give you some information then ask you some questions:

1. CNM uses dimscale*dimtxt to scale everything.
2. CNM uses LINESPACING and NOTESPACING and other variables you can find in CNM.INI in each project folder.

1. When your scale is incorrect, please list a block and tell me what is its scale, and then what is the height of one of the attributes. Also tell me what is the dimscale and dimtxt for that moment in that drawing.

2. When the line spacing is wrong in some 30 scale drawings, are the lines 90 units apart (3 * 30) or 3 units apart?

3. Do you have running osnaps that might affect line spacing in some drawings?

4. Have you checked the values of LINESPACING and NOTESPACING in CNM.INI?

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