Pro vs. Standard, Auto-quantities and dynamic linking

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Pro vs. Standard, Auto-quantities and dynamic linking

Postby restored » Fri Mar 23, 2007 11:26 am

Could you email me a dwg that is labeled with the web version of CNM and one
that is labeled with the Pro version so I can evaluate the difference?

When I label polylines, arcs, lines and areas, are the properties of the
object automatically attached to table that is created? In other words I
don't have to type in the length of line or area of figure when I label an
object. If CNM automatically attaches the object properties to the block &
table, what are the objects it recognizes, 2d polyline, 3d-polyline, closed
polygons (area) etc...?

Is the table dynamically linked to the object; if the object changes does
the table update automatically or do I need to relabel the object?

I like to label manholes SSMH#1,SSMH#2 etc. I would to set CNM so it labels
the first object SSMH#1 and will increment the digit up by one so I don't
have to retype SSMH#1,SSMH#2, similar to anum.lsp if you have used it. Can
CNM accomplish this?

Occasionally I may what to link a text value that is associated with an
object (not the object properties) to the table. For example: a pipe length
that is labeled in profile view (the cad length is not the actual length
because of vertical exaggeration). Can CNM do this?

1) The Standard and Pro versions both create the same style table. The only difference the Pro version offers is an editor so you can type up your Project Notes more easily. I am attaching a screen shot. Otherwise you use Notepad, I assume.

Here's a screenshot:

2) The short answer is no. You type in the quantity into the bubble note, either a hidden attribute or a visible one. The only automatic quantity CNM extracts is bubble note counts. Of course CNM adds up the various pipe, curb, pavement, etc. quantities from multiple bubble notes for the table.

3) No. Answer 2 should clarify this. You should probably download and try CNM on a little project. It doesn't do anything to your system or drawing that you will regret if you decide not to go with it.

4) You could do this, but it would require additional programming. For example, perhaps something like anum could stick incremental numbering into attributes picked. That would be quite simple to implement as a separate tool, and we could probably help you with that if you decide to go with CNM.

5) With CNM you don't link to any drawing objects. It's been our feeling that this confuses people more than it helps. Our exisitng users seem to have appreciated the simplicity approach. Of course our view could change in the future depending on feedback from existing users.

Keep in mind that CNM's blocks are customizable. Tom, tell me if I'm wrong on this, but as long as you use the base bubble block and it's attributes, you can define anything you wish when inputing the block. I have seen it successfully done, where it will automatically input a value from LDD, like stationing, and it will add it to the bubble note.

Like Tom said, for now it's pretty much user input, but you can customize the blocks independently and still make it work.

What dw says is true. The bubble notes insertion tools as they are provided out of the box are an important part of CNM that we want to make as useful as possible, but as long as you provide the attributes CNM needs, you could use any tool at all to label items.

One example of how we used a third party package to get data for bubble notes was when we used Copy String (in the CNM menu) to copy Land Desktop stations, offsets, etc. from a base drawing into specific bubble notes on our plan sheets. Not all that automatic, but by eliminating typing we incorporated the two most important features of automation: no typos (quality assurance) and faster work (productivity).

Thanks for this great feedback.

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