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Postby hawstom » Wed May 21, 2014 7:29 am

BHall wrote:Tom,

That was a lot to learn yesterday and it helped with you talking to code as we were reading it.

I have stumbled in to an issue since, where if I open a new dwg and try to run the lisp as we did yesterday and it keeps giving me

Value has to be nonzero.

I know it is something we got yesterday. I am just not sure why or what I did wrong, when I load an old file we tested in and run the same points threw it works just fine.

So I would like to start out by figuring out:

- How to have the lisp only use the block I created in new dwgs rather than the default POINT block? ( I swore I changed the actual file and within the block editor)

- How to convert the file from decimal feet in Meters to what we model to here which is Architectural feet and inches for Imperial?

I would do two things:

1. I would use WBLOCK to write the changes we made yesterday to a new POINT.DWG file. Then I would open POINT.DWG, and I would use the UNITS command to set everything in it to Architectural.

2. I would try to -insert nonsense, which is a block that does not exist. Then I would examine the message AutoCAD gives to determine the directories that AutoCAD is searching (in which order) when it inserts POINT.DWG. I would decide which of those directories I want to be the home of the custom version of POINT.DWG. After I moved the POINT.DWG to that directory, I would use the following LISP expression to make sure AutoCAD is finding the right block:

Code: Select all
(findfile "POINT.DWG")

Did I answer the right questions?

Tom Haws
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Postby TEAL » Wed May 21, 2014 1:25 pm

alright I was able to wblock the point.
I loaded the lisp in a new file and it placed the orb that i made in the block but did not fill in the text attributes that are to come with the shot.

I may need to set up a basic template and just do a save as each time I need to make a new set of data.
or maybe two or three ( we have buildings that are a true north rotation and will have to be rotated)

As for the conversions part.
I am familar with the units function and to change is back and forth.
The part I dont think I am clearly expressing is my hang up

I get my survey shots in decimal feet and inches in metric.
Our project baseline is set off a grid system that is in imperial.
My issues are - our last company had to shift the information from mm to in before we could start modeling.

Should I just convert my mm to ft/in and then put in my raw data?
Or is there a way after I have ran the lisp to input the data in mm in a dwg to run something else that will shift it to ft/in in imperial not just changing my units in CAD.
Or another idea I just talked with my team about is.
-- If I was to input data in mm in a dwg. then xref it in to an imperial template and then scale it to 1/25.4 that could possibly give us the out come that we are looking for?
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Postby hawstom » Wed May 21, 2014 3:23 pm

Well, I am a little confused. It might be best to talk about this over Skype again.

I think that if you have a case of mixed units going on, the best solution might be to do some conversion inside POINTSIN.LSP. To preserve the modularity of your work, it might be good to create another little file called something like POINTSIN-CONVERTCOORDS.LSP or whatever turns out to be the best approach, then inside POINTSIN.LSP, at the appropriate point in the code, load it and use it to manipulate the data.

This sentence really confuses me :-D

TEAL wrote:I get my survey shots in decimal feet and inches in metric.

Try phoning any time.
Tom Haws
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