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VersionWindows setup fileZip archiveGit source repositoryNotes
5.4.12 (2023-06-07)acad2010+/bcad16+ (3.6 Mb)acad2010+/bcad16+ (3.6 Mb)open sourceAdded bubble note flipper and copy option. Fixed bug reading legacy txt Project Notes.
5.4.07 (2023-02-18)acad2010+/bcad16+ (3.6 Mb)acad2010+/bcad16+ (3.6 Mb)open sourceMinor Command Reference edits and ADL (add object lengths) now creates drawing text and works with lots of objects.
5.4.06 (2022-12-05)acad2010+/bcad16+ (3.6 Mb)acad2010+/bcad16+ (3.6 Mb)open sourceAdded price/cost. Fixed price/cost bug from 5.4.00, alias loading bug from 5.4.01, unsaved dwg error from 5.4.03, added option to continue from possible moved project warning.
5.0.07 (2018-12-10)acad2010+ (2 Mb)acad2010+ (4 Mb)-No dynamic blocks. No spreadsheet editing.


If something goes wrong during installation or if you don't want the menus, you may need to perform the following steps manually.

Add CNM path* to AutoCAD:
Under the Files tab of the Tools, Options menu in AutoCAD, click the + icon next to "Support File Search Path" and "Trusted Locations". If the CNM installation folder is not on the list of folders, click the Add... button to add it. You should be fine leaving it at the bottom of the list in most cases. *You must have write permissions for the CNM path. The default installation path is %appdata%\Local\Programs\Construction Notes Manager
Add CNM menu or CNMLOADER.LSP to AutoCAD:
Use the MENULOAD command in AutoCAD to load the CNM menu. Enter "CNM.CUIX" (or .CUI) in the field or Browse for it and click "Load". Or add CNMLOADER.LSP to your system in your preferred way.


System requirements:
CNM bubble note blocks are dynamic and annotative, which requires AutoCAD 2008+ and BricsCAD 16+
A spreadsheet (like LibreOffice or Microsoft) makes it easiest to edit CNM project notes.
System impact:
Construction Notes Manager makes no system changes outside of AutoCAD at the time of program setup other than copying files to the CNM installation and examples folders.
The setup process adds the CNM menu and the CNM program path to AutoCAD's environment.
In the course of normal usage, CNM creates registry entries and adds files to the folders containing user AutoCAD drawings.
Terms of Use:
Please enjoy using CNM, send feedback, and share with others if it makes you money.
CNM logs command use counts to the cloud (mostly to guide development focus) including your IP address, computer name, and BIOS date.
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