Construction Notes Manager (now Free Libre Open Source Software)
for AutoCAD and BricsCAD

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Sending Construction Note and Quantity Take-off problems into the past--Now for BricsCAD too!

Construction Notes Manager (now free)--
-inserts bubble notes (8 different shapes, 2 different styles, up to 9 different phases) on leaders
-counts up bubble notes or adds up quantities you enter into each bubble note
-reads your project list of notes and creates a key list of the notes used (by drawing or by tab) with (or without) total quantities
-tallies up project quantities for presentation and writes a sheet-by-sheet breakdown to a spreadsheet (CSV file)
-sends Construction Notes, Quantities, and Quality Control problems into the past

Here's a quick demo animation:

Animation of Construction Notes Manager inserting bubble notes, then making a Key Note Table


"...using CNM does magic in terms of speed and organization." (Plamen K. Dimov MS PE, Bulgaria, July 2018)

"You simply place the callouts, then click a button to create the lists. In our Site group it has drastically decreased time and headaches creating notes. I foresee us enjoying using it on every project from here on out." (A new client in Phoenix, AZ, March 2009)

"I know that I'll never do notes and quantities the old way EVER again." (Nick, AZ, Oct 2003)

"You've got a great product! Once I used it and got comfortable with it, I've never wanted to do notes any other way." (David, AZ, January 2001)

Download now

After 25 years of paid licensing, CNM is now licensed freely to the public. You are authorized to cancel any nags (older versions only) in full-featured nag mode.

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Download the same full-featured version of Construction Notes Manager valued and praised by paying users for years. Now Free Libre Open Source Software.